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UX - Uncovering and guiding value for performance in critical & enterprise systems, complicated products, & services.
Innovation - Design thinking connecting enterprise systems to overall business performance - profit, savings & risk balance. Creator of MaximumUX for Innovation, Performance, Profitability.
KM Performance Modeling - Analyzing, defining, & modeling highly effective value producers' performance to repeat successes & avoid failures while designing the spine of your institutional knowledge management. Author of Innovate By Insight: Modeling User Experience Into Contributor Experience”.

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Enterprise information architecture, strategic insights, & overall planing for critical systems innovation foundations. Gain long-term value in a short-term budget with an experienced design-thinking thought leader.
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Gain a single, seasoned resource for the full product cycle, thought leadership and delivery - from insight-building through approved product design and implementation. (Most popular option.)
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From pre-sales or shaping sales for UX value-add to outside-eyes (third party) interviews to information architecture to UI design, raise your performance with solution-focused, refined UX design thinking.
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Results derive from purpose. Have you searched for, found and adopted your users' intent and needs?

Agile software application build ux user experience integration


AXA is a Global Fortune 15 company.

After asking for a simple brochure, the discovery process results were leveraged to evaluate and update the entire value communications strategy from branding to messaging to intranet design.

retail management process and value process model and user interface

RapidFire Tools

After cornering the market in network security analysis, RapidFire Tools is going mobile. And re-imagination of the major desktop appliction UI will help keep them on top in the marketplace.

mobile application design

timeline user interface innovation


Contribute to your core business demands - learn how UX helps;

  • Increase Profit
  • Reduce Costs
  • Manage Risk

Faster ROI »

user experience profitability and return on investment (roi)


"Brent has the unique ability to reveal value patterns – and he creates compelling, simple presentations that are decisive in success.”

process asessment becomes training tool, creating great user interface or ui

Wells Fargo

Practical over sexy. This is how most big business gets done - 30% faster. An effort to combine several systems was a tremendous opportunity to streamline strategy and approach that could still easily be applied across disparate user groups.

practical service design

How's Your Accuracy?

If you're not testing users to know if you are on target, then you're just guessing. Find out how UX works to make you and your results - accurate.

ux produces accurate information through user testing

The Home Depot

retail application usability application interface design

How's Your Memory?

Remembering what works (and what doesn't), capturing best practices, connecting all roles to the big picture - are all a part of Knowledge Management (KM). Improving process is a side effect of UX. Start now, before talent leaves...

user experience and software development knowledge management

The Prinzo Group

process model interactive training


Find out how best to integrate the ROI of UX into your agile process to save dev time and money.

Agile software application build ux user experience integration


medical device interface design

Do they love your interface?

If they don't love your UI, you are losing clients to the competition who's paying attention...

Jackson Healthcare

hospital interface design and healthcare design

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