Innovate Value Transformation:

Monetize UX

Brent Lackley : January 5, 2018

Calculating how the User Experience process can transform a company or organization;

Product / Service Value (External application of UX)
People / Performance Value (Internal application of UX)

Total Value


Product / Service Value:
External application of UX

People / Performance Value:
Internal application of UX

Total Value Transformation:

UX is built to produce insight and create value far beyond software interface design. Leverage the core skills of UX to improve your offerings (external application of UX to all products and services) and your community (internal application of UX for contributor performance as well as vendor, partner and other relationships).
Scale up to see deeper into your organization and value chain while gaining insight and tools for a total value transformation. The core powers of UX include;

  • (Learn) Discovery - Research and investigation to uncover what’s happening, at any scale
  • (Build) Analysis & Formulation - How to view, navigate, use and enjoy information, products or services
  • (Test) Editing - Establish and refine accuracy of solutions
Learn how Maximum UX uses these powers to identify and model your best performers and results for easy knowledge transfer and fast, accurate decisioning in more consistent, maximized wins: Go

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